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Si vous cherchez un pied à terre sur l’île d’Ibiza ou un appartement dans le centre ville de Barcelone, je me dédie entièrement à votre projet et trouve le bien qui vous correspond.



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Je me suis entourée d’un réseau de professionnels qualifiés afin de vous fournir un service sur mesure et complet.

~ Dorothée Lapeyre

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I had a dream of buying an apartment in Spain, but did not even know where to start! We got in touch with a few different agents, but I have to say that Dorothée is by far the best agent we’ve ever worked with, her professionalism, personality, attention to detail, responsiveness and her ability to sniff out the most relevant apartments for us blew us away. If you are looking for help in buying an apartment, do not hesitate to contact her. You will not be disappointed!

Nadia • UK

My wife and I decided to buy an apartment in Spain but since we live in Sweden it was difficult for us to identify and visit as many apartments as we needed to find the best one for us. Thanks to Dorothée’s tireless efforts, we finally succeeded beyond expectations! We can really recommend her warmly.

Jan • Sweden

Our success is based on personalised advice and aimed at the possibility of having directly on site a trusted agent who takes care of everything for you and will allow you to better control your project. I was lucky enough to meet Dorothee a few years ago. Thanks to her and her efforts, I was able to enjoy an investment abroad which gave me a lot of satisfaction. I was fortunate to have her contact.

Paolo • Italy

Courtière très compétente. Gestion très efficace du projet et des travaux. Suivi irréprochable de la location. Sans hésitation, si nous avons à nouveau besoin, nous aurons recours à Dorothée.

Béatrice • France